2012-03-07 Thomas Monjalondo not close stdout for "which" command master
2012-02-27 Thomas Monjalondisable resume feature if "netcat -q" is not avalaible
2012-02-27 Thomas Monjalontry to use right version of netcat (with -q support)
2012-02-27 Thomas Monjalonsimpler quiet/verbose handling
2012-02-27 Thomas Monjalonupdate copyright
2012-02-27 Thomas Monjalondon't use GNU extension ether_aton_r()
2011-01-28 Thomas Monjalonfactorize macros
2011-01-28 Thomas Monjalonupdate copyright
2011-01-28 Thomas Monjalonremove readlink dependency which was not needed
2011-01-28 Thomas Monjalonadd option -d to bind a device
2010-02-14 Thomas Monjalonrename option -w to -t (for timeout)
2010-02-14 Thomas Monjaloncheck and restrict option -w for batch mode
2010-02-14 Thomas Monjalonfactorize syntax errors
2010-02-14 Thomas Monjalondefine function has_batch_input to be more clear
2010-02-08 Thomas Monjalonfix batch mode 1.1
2010-02-01 Thomas Monjalonmore doc on U-Boot and Linux
2010-01-16 Thomas MonjalonClient for LaCie U-Boot NetConsole 1.0