2012-01-12 Christophe... sd_alias: use DEVPATH instead of path_id to extract... master v0.3
2012-01-12 Christophe... sd_alias: remove execute bit on sd_alias udev rules
2011-06-14 Simon GuinotUpdate AUTHORS file
2011-06-14 Simon GuinotAdd input-eventd entry within the main README
2011-06-14 Simon Guinotinput-eventd: fix ternary operator usage
2011-06-13 Simon GuinotFix installation path and obey to the FHS
2011-06-13 Simon Guinotinput-eventd: handle new version for input-tables.h
2011-06-11 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: makes configuration file mandatory
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: remove uneeded array ender
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: add count information to the index
2011-06-10 Simon Guinotinput-eventd: handle new version for input-tables.h
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: change generated file header
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: rename fields and structures
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: use uint16_t for key
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: get rid of EV_VERSION
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: license
2011-06-10 Benoît Canetinput-eventd: gen: handle comments in defines
2011-06-10 Simon GuinotAdd input-eventd daemon
2011-06-02 Simon GuinotRename LICENSE into COPYING
2011-05-31 Simon GuinotAdd gpio_ctrl shell script
2010-11-15 Simon Guinotled_ctrl: automate tests for the supported shells
2010-11-09 Simon Guinotled_ctrl: set IFS in POSIX shell way v0.2
2010-11-09 Simon Guinotled_ctrl: fix permission settings for test directories
2010-11-08 Simon Guinotled_ctrl: add copyright notice v0.1
2010-11-08 Thomas Monjalonled_ctrl: cleaner test paths handling
2010-11-08 Simon Guinotled_ctrl: remove useless new lines
2010-11-08 Thomas Monjalonled_ctrl: reformat options parsing
2010-11-08 Thomas Monjalonled_ctrl: simpler test directory management
2010-11-08 Thomas Monjalonled_ctrl: run help after parsing of all arguments
2010-11-08 Thomas Monjalonled_ctrl: error checking in a better shape
2010-11-08 Simon Guinotsd_alias: fix indent
2010-11-08 Simon Guinotled_ctrl: fix check on sysfs LED directory
2010-11-07 Simon GuinotInitial import for nas-tools package